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Standalone Fire Alarms

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Standalone Fire Alarms

It sounds obvious, but the most important aspect of any fire alarm is that it must be heard. Simply Extinguisher's range of quality fire alarms make sure that, unlike ideal children, your fire alarm will be both seen and heard!

For many situations, the unique sound of a rotary fire alarm bell will be effective in raising the alarm to all. Simple to operate, long-lasting and with a 'traditional' sound that is instantly recognisable, a rotary hand bell can be attached to a wall or post for instant alarm provision.

For more noisy situations, such as outside premises or construction sites, the Vigil Standalone Site Fire Alarm is the ideal choice. Available in either a call point or push button function, this site alarm blasts out a 110db alarm to alert occupants on site of potential dangers. It's also suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, offering comprehensive safety for all types of projects and building sites.

Of course, the site staff member who discovers a fire may not be close to an alarm point on a large site, so equip them with an aerosol fire horn, and they can raise the alarm instantly.

Manual activation of fire alarm systems is a swift and reliable method of warning workers, occupants, or visitors of site dangers, and quickly encourages fire evacuations to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on site.


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