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Knee Pads

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Knee Pads

Knee Pads

You will receive complete knee protection for your knees with our knee-pads whether it be your trade, the occasional job or simply working in the home or garden. Continuous working on your knees applies pressure to the knee joins which in turn can cause many knee problems such as cartilage problems. Also, general discomfort is prevented by kneeling on gravel, nails and other sharp objects on the ground.

Those commonly at risk are tradesmen who may spend many hours on their knees plying their trade. The repetitive strain upon the knees can cause bursitis, cartilage injuries or worse, often necessitating time-off work for remedial treatment. Even for working at home, our knee-pads have many uses, including floor tiling and gardening.

Included in our comprehensive range of knee protection equipment are knee inserts for trousers which can be cut-to-size and sewn into the trouser leg, knee pads that fit over the trousers and kneeling pads to ensure you move about freely and without harm. With a choice suited to all environments, the use of protective knee pads is essential.

Which Type of Knee Pad to Choose?

The European Standard, EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 protects the wearer at work in the kneeling position. This defines the type of knee protection and the level of protection.

Type 1 knee pads are independent of other clothing and fastened around the legs, whether on the outside or inside your workwear, complete with adjustable straps which are quick and easy to fit and remove.

Type 2 knee pads are often foam or similar padding, secured on the pockets of the legs on various work trousers and coveralls, even attached to the clothing.

Type 3 knee pads are not attached to the body but placed in the position where the user, kneeling can move around freely.

Type 4 knee pads often have other functions, such as a framework to provide support to stand up, or a kneeling seat.

Which Level of Knee Protection Do I Need?

There are three different classifications of protection, often referred to as ‘levels of protection’.

Level 0 – Giving and ample but basic level of protection on flat floor surfaces, these often provide a welcome cushion for your knee cap.

Level 1 – Designed for flat or uneven floor surfaces, thus protecting against penetration (such as gravel sharp objects) by a force of at least (100 ± 5) N.

Level 2 – Ideal for use on flat or uneven floor surfaces under far more severe conditions, protecting against penetration by a force of at least (250 ± 10) N.


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