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Door Closers

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Door Closers

Whether you’re preventing a chilly draught or needing to keep a fire door shut for it to be effective, door closers are perfect for keeping a door shut. We’re all guilty of forgetting to shut doors behind ourselves from time to time, and we all know a serial offender. However, a door closer will mean the door will automatically close properly once someone has walked through.

For a fire door to work with its intumescent seals, the door has to be closed in order for it to effective, which is where you’ll commonly find them installed. At times they may seem like an inconvenience, but they are ultimately keeping you safe. And if you’re one of those people who hold the door open with a fire extinguisher, then you are potentially putting lives at risk.

Many different types of door closer are available, whether it’s a heavy door, a sliding door, or opens to the left or right. 


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