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Economy Extinguisher Stands

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Economy Extinguisher Stands

Cost-friendly and suitable for various types of buildings, the Economy Fire Extinguisher Stand collection equips your building with simple storage solutions for your extinguishers, preventing accidental damage and preserving the quality of your fire units. This leads to reduce costs in replacing damaged extinguishers and also promotes quick location of extinguishers in an emergency, making them a valuable addition to your building.

Our range of economy stands is available in two colour options and varying capacities, and even join together to create a row of stands, enabling you to safely store as many extinguishers as needed.

Where Should I Place a Fire Extinguisher Stand?

Ideally, extinguisher stands should be placed against a wall in convenient locations with adequate lighting and kept away from doors or stairs where they can cause trip hazards. Suitable placements include common areas, typical walkways, and near exits to make them easily accessible by occupants. Extinguisher stands are especially useful for spaces where wall-mounting isn't possible and ought to be placed in accessible areas where you'll become familiar with their exact location.

Each stand also features a panel to display extinguisher signs, helping with quick identification of fire extinguisher types during emergencies, so it's important to keep stands and their signage visible.


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