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No Smoking Signs

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No Smoking Signs

Designed to display a warning to all site staff, our No Smoking Signs promote a smoke-free work environment by highlighting their prohibition across various sites. Cigarette smoke can trigger fires when exposed to flammable liquids and materials, which puts everyone at risk of fire hazards. By prohibiting smoking throughout buildings and across surrounding areas, fire risks are effectively mitigated and everyone can work with peace of mind knowing their health isn't compromised.

Where Should I Display No Smoking Signs?

These easy-to-install signs can be displayed inside and outside buildings to encourage smokers to keep cigarettes at bay. By displaying these signs, everyone on site is informed of prohibited smoking and can seek out a designated smoking area. Cigarette smoke can seep through open windows and ventilation systems, which makes designated smoking areas important to consider. Therefore, installing these signs throughout buildings and external areas ensures complete protection against smoking hazards.

The Health Act 2006 and the Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 mandate that enclosed and substantially enclosed workplaces and public places in the UK must be smoke-free. This prevents potential second-hand smoke from being inhaled and also mitigates risks associated with cigarette ends not being correctly stubbed. Fires can happen quickly, but displaying No Smoking Signs means fire risks are eliminated.


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