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2-Piece Traffic Cone - 750mm

Product no: VP-RTC-750
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The 2-piece 750mm Traffic Cone plays a vital role in ensuring road safety and organisation by effectively signalling potential roadworks, accidents, and lane obstructions ahead. Beyond their bright colours, these cones serve as guardians of road safety. Fitted with a reflective sleeve, they remain visible even in low-light conditions or adverse weather, helping drivers detect them from a distance.  

Whether you're near infrastructures, construction sites, or roadworks, these cones stand out as beacons of caution and guidance. They assist drivers in navigating through potential dangers by redirecting traffic away from compromised roads due to collisions or hazards.

Their clear visibility plays a pivotal role in organising road traffic and alerting drivers to hazards ahead, guiding them towards safer lanes. But it's not just about visibility; the reflective sleeve is a crucial safety feature. Its high-visibility properties ensure that drivers can detect cones even from extended distances, effectively guiding them away from roadworks or potential obstructions. This proactive approach helps minimise the risk of accidents and encourages safer driving habits for everyone on the road.

Manufactured for Vigil Products, they're designed for durability and stability to allow cones to withstand various weather conditions and passing vehicles, ensuring their reliability in maintaining road safety. Additionally, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users benefit from their vibrant, bold colour and reflective properties, which serve as a clear warning of potential hazards, guiding them safely to safer pathways.

  • Manufactured for Vigil Products
  • Measuring 750mm in height
  • Weather-resistant design 
  • Stackable when not in use
  • Easy grip top for quick positioning
  • Made with HDPE and recycled PVC

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