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Vigil 8m x 6m Car Fire Blanket

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Shield your vehicle from potential fire outbreaks with a Lithium Battery Car Fire Blanket, suitable for small vehicles all the way to SUVs. This innovative solution is engineered to swiftly address vehicle fires, providing a quick and effective means of isolation and control.

Advantages of a Car Fire Blanket

The versatility of the car fire blanket extends across various fuel types, including petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. Particularly noteworthy is its efficacy in managing lithium-ion battery fires, crucial for mitigating risks associated with thermal runaway and containing toxic fumes. Endorsed by the Department for Transport for recovery operators, this specialised blanket is indispensable for ensuring safety during vehicle breakdowns or accidents caused by fires involving electric or hybrid cars.

Moreover, its utility isn't confined to specific locations; you'll find it indispensable in various settings such as car parks, road tunnels, petrol stations, charging stations, repair facilities, and even aboard car ferries. Facilitating accessibility during emergencies, the blanket is conveniently packaged in a large red bag with clear labelling, equipped with shoulder straps for easy transport. Breakdown services and firefighters also rely on this oversized blanket, manufactured for Vigil Products, to address fire emergencies effectively.

How Do I Use Car Fire Blankets?

Deploying the car fire blanket is straightforward. Upon removal from its bag, unfurl the sizeable 6m x 8m blanket at a safe distance from the vehicle. With two people ready to deploy from each side of the car, drape it over the vehicle in one smooth motion, ensuring coverage over the fire source while being mindful of toxic fumes, especially in EV fires. Tuck the blanket around the vehicle with a quick kick motion to secure the edges, and leave it in place until the local fire brigade deems it safe for removal. While the blanket doesn't extinguish electric vehicle fires, it aids in containing them, minimising spread and reducing toxic emissions.

After deployment, proper disposal and replacement of the fire blanket are necessary. By integrating a Lithium Battery Fire Blanket into your safety protocols, you're bolstering fire preparedness and safeguarding against the unique challenges posed by modern vehicle technologies.

  • Suitable for petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles
  • Applicable for cars up to normal SUV size
  • Blanket size: 6m x 8m (20ft x 26ft)
  • Blanket weight: 26kg
  • Supplied in a red waterproof kit bag
  • Clearly labelled for easy identification
  • 430gsm Fibreglass fabric, coated with 130gsm double side Silicon
  • Recommended by the Department for Transport
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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