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FireChief Three Storey Fire Escape Ladder

Product no: FCFEL730
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The FireChief three storey fire escape ladder will enable you and your family to escape from a second-floor window in an emergency. The ladder has a compact design and comes with a cardboard storage box so you can keep it under your bed or the bottom of a wardrobe, ready for use. Easy-to-use and tangle-free, it’s quick and easy to place the ladder over the windowsill with its extra-large hooks and then throw the rungs out the window, ready for use.

Will The Three Storey Fire Escape Ladder Fit My Window?

The window you intend to use will need to open fully, with a minimum width of 300mm. The windowsill should have a maximum depth of 340mm. Despite the ladder’s lightweight design, the fire escape ladder has a maximum load of 450kg, which means three people can use the ladder at the same time.

The ladder measures 7.3 metres so it is suitable for most 3 storey properties. You should check ahead of time and ensure the bottom step is close enough to the ground for a safe escape – it’s advised to not use this ladder from heights greater than 7.65 metres to avoid injury.

  • 7.3 metre/25 feet two storey
  • Storage box dimensions: 470 x 370 x 120mm
  • Width of opening required 300mm (11.8 inches) - window opening size
  • Maximum thickness of wall 340mm (13.3 inches) - from the outer wall to inner wall skin
  • Max load: 450kg (Maximum of 3 people)
  • Durable and flame-resistant design
  • Manufactured by FireChief

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