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Metal Powder Fire Extinguishers

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Metal Powder Fire Extinguishers

Class D fires are caused by burning metals that combust easily on contact with air, such as magnesium and lithium. Such specialised fires require a specialised metal powder fire extinguisher to deal with them, and will be required in scientific labs or where manufacturing processes involve the risk of metal fires. For example, aluminium dust or swarf can catch fire, so any process involving cutting, drilling or milling aluminium holds potential risk.

Manufactured by Thomas Glover (the sister company of Chubb Fire), our 9kg L2 fire extinguisher is designed to tackle lithium metal fires, or any Class D fire. The 9kg Monnex is super powerful and is ideal burning temperatures may be incredibly high and need cooling quickly, such as locations inlcuding race tracks, airports and fuel depots. The Lith-Ex extinguishers from FireChief are also the safest option for fires involving Lithium Battery fires.

The special low velocity applicator lance prevents you spreading the burning metal powder or swarf around your lab or workshop as it slows down the delivery of powder to allow the user to carefully aim where it is needed.


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