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Winter Safety Wear

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Winter Safety Wear

Winter Safety Wear

With the onset of the cold winter months it is time to stock up on warm clothing to help keep you cosy, safe from colds, flu or more serious ailments. On-site warmth is essential and the need for warm safety gear is an essential commodity.  Regardless of temperatures, work must carry on whilst complying with all safety regulations.

Winter Safety Boots

When snow and sleet forming ice is present, the chance of slipping is far greater and correct safety boots are required to keep your feet warm and dry. Our safety boots have all the built-in safety features such as reinforced soles to prevent sharp objects penetrating them and steel toecaps to protect your feet and toes from falling objects. Wet muddy slushy floors at on-site workplaces require good non-slip boots too.

Winter Safety Gloves

Designed for colder temperatures, our range of gloves will ensure dexterity for those who work with their hands. You can choose from warm under gloves enabling you to wear your standard gloves or from our range of thermal gloves, made of a tough material designed to prevent slipping whilst improving you grasp.

Winter Hi-Vis

Days grow shorter the closer to the winter solstice and the visibility decreases hourly. It is desirable to remain visible at all times whether on site or simply taking a stroll along a country lane with your dogs.  With our jackets, fleecy bodywarmers, sweatshirts and trousers all available, you can be sure of being visible at all times. You get an added bonus by keeping you warm and dry, even during the worst weather.

Selecting warm clothing during winter is essential for preventing those winter chills and colds etc. Even more serious illnesses can be contracted if you do not keep warm. Hypothermia is quick to set in if you do not keep warm also. At the same time, site work also dictates you wear high visibility clothing. Should you prefer not to change outfit, essential reflective armbands with zip attachment are available. Head torches are also available.

Winter Headwear

It is a generally known fact that we lose most of our body heat through our heads, making it essential to keep our heads warm at all times. In most cases a woolly beanie will suffice and they are available with head lights also. A warm comforter is also available to wear under your hardhat. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a fleecy lined hardhat which has the added protection of a bump cap.