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Choose by Industry

Every industry sector carries its own level of fire risk, and conducting your own company fire risk assessment will certainly help you identify these. Now it's time to choose what fire extinguishers and other equipment are most suitable to manage those risks.

In our Fire Fighting Equipment Selection Guide below, you'll find a selection of industry types. Click on the icon for your industry sector, and you'll discover our best-recommended fire safety solutions drawn from our years of experience and wide selection of fire fighting equipment and accessories.

Some sectors are clear-cut in their risk requirements, but most modern businesses have multiple areas of risk. Don't worry, we've probably covered them all below! For example, a hotel owner should asses the risks for all parts of their operations: bedrooms, restaurant, kitchens, swimming pool and spa, and the back office too. So, just click on the icons and see what we recommend.

Of course, there is a fair amount of overlap between our recommendations, so you can soon identify the key elements required. And with Simply Extinguisher's low prices and money-back guarantee, you can equip your premises and protect your staff with the best fire safety equipment for less.

If you still don't find what you need, just email our experts - we'll be happy to help.