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Vigil 4m x 3m Lithium Battery Fire Blanket

Product no: VP-LBFB43
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Enhance your fire safety measures against combusted modern technology powered with lithium-ion batteries with the large Vigil 4m x 3m lithium battery fire blanket—an indispensable tool for addressing fires involving portable devices, storage batteries, or personal vehicles. Its generous size not only accommodates storage batteries used for solar panels, forklifts, and other expensive machinery, but also covers a wide array of devices such as electric motorbikes, e-bikes, mobility scooters, drones, power tools, and various electronic gadgets.

What Are the Benefits of Lithium Battery Fire Blankets?

Deploying this fire blanket is a breeze. Quick and easy to drape over and tuck around the item, it swiftly isolates and controls fires involving lithium-ion batteries, containing flames, smoke, and toxic fumes.

Traditional fire extinguishers like foam or powder are ineffective against lithium battery fires, as the primary method to extinguish them involves cooling down the battery. While this blanket won't extinguish the fire (thermal runaway cannot be stopped), it significantly mitigates its severity, stopping its spread until the fire brigade arrives to assess the situation.

Recommended for a range of settings including garages, workshops, recycling centres, factories, and laboratories, as well as marine, aviation, and military locations, lithium fire blankets are essential wherever lithium-ion battery fires could potentially occur. Should your premises house lithium-ion powered devices, particularly in large quantities, having a lithium fire blanket on hand is highly recommended.

Manufactured for Vigil Products and supplied in a prominently labelled red bag for easy identification during emergencies, this blanket features shoulder straps for convenient transportation and a carry handle. Ensuring it's kept in an easily accessible location is key for swift response during emergencies.

How Do I Use a Lithium Battery Fire Blanket?

Using a Lithium Battery Fire Blanket is quick and simple. Once extracted from the bag, place it on the ground to unroll and unfold the blanket at a safe distance from the device. With the assistance of two individuals, pull the blanket over the device in one smooth motion, paying extra attention to the fire, toxic fumes, and chemical risks.

After deployment, leave the blanket in place until the arrival of the fire brigade for removal. While it won't extinguish the fire, it significantly reduces associated risks such as chemical leaks, and toxic fume inhalation, whilst also preventing further fire spread.

Remember, once used in an emergency, responsibly dispose of the blanket and replace it promptly to maintain fire safety standards. With its ease of use and effectiveness in mitigating lithium-ion battery fires, integrating a Lithium Battery Fire Blanket into your safety protocols is a prudent step towards protecting lives and property.

  • Suitable for portable devices and personal transportation vehicles
  • Suitable for storage batteries
  • Recommended for anywhere that a lithium fire could break out
  • Works in seconds for use by anyone
  • Blanket size: 4m x 3m (13ft x 10ft)
  • Supplied in a red waterproof kit bag
  • Clearly labelled for easy identification
  • 430gsm Fibreglass fabric, coated with 130gsm double side Silicon
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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