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Vertical Descent Kit

Product no: FP67RER
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The vertical descent kit is commonly used in an emergency situation – either for rescue or self-evacuation. Including everything you need to securely descend down the side of a structure or down a hole, you’ll find that the kit contains the following: a 2-point safety harness, 12mm detachable rope grab, 15 or 30 metres of Kernmantle static rope, a carabiner, as well as a nylon drawstring for safe keeping of all your kit.

Compliant with European Standard EN 361, the safety harness is lightweight and fully-adjustable which means it is comfortable to wear all day. Also featuring a quick release buckle, the harness comes complete with contrasting red and blue straps which makes the inspection process plain and simple. A sliding rear D-ring and frontal webbing loops are also featured on the harness, along with a sub-pelvic strap to ensure the wearer remains upright.

With 15 or 30 metres of Kernmantle static rope available for you to choose from, this should be more than enough to safely ascend or descend to and from the surface or to another platform. The rope is 12mm in diameter and is fully compliant with European Standard EN 1891. It is high strength, low stretch, and tightly woven – ensuring untangling doesn’t occur and that it always remains secure. When it is used in conjunction with the included 12mm detachable rope grab, you can be rest assured that this will lock to prevent a fall – at the same time as allowing for simple attachment and detachment as required.

Manufactured by Portwest, the safety harness within the vertical descent kit is plain and simple to attach to yourself – just put your arms through and secure the straps around your chest and legs. Depending on your requirements, you will need to select whether you require 15 or 30 metres of static rope with your vertical descent kit.

  • Includes 2-point safety harness, static rope, 12mm detachable rope grab, carabiner and a drawstring bag
  • Choice of 15 or 30 meters of Kernmantle static rope
  • Harness is compliant with EN 361:2002
  • Static rope compliant with EN 1891:1998
  • Detachable Rope Grab EN 353-2:2002
  • Carabiner compliant with EN 362:2004
  • CE Certified – Category III
  • Manufactured by Portwest