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Type 1 Poly Can for Flammables

Product no: 14065Z
  • Simply price: £112.91 + VAT
    £135.49 inc. VAT
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The Type 1 Poly Cans for Flammables are able to withstand tough acids and even heat thanks to its robust polyethylene construction. This provides a safe method of storing any highly volatile corrosives.

It’s also safe for even the highest purity liquids, as its colour-resistant properties reduce chemical leaching. The one-piece body is strong enough to withstand the most abusive of environments with the ability to resist dents, punctures, and scratches.

In order to prevent ignition as much as possible, the can features a stainless steel arrester to dissipate heat and a current-carrying carbon insert in order to ground it and prevent static. Additionally, the self-closing lid also has a mechanism which prevents pressure building up to dangerous levels.

Different sizes are available, and these Justrite cans are FM-approved.

  • Fitted with carbon inset
  • FM-approved
  • Vented design
  • 4 sizes
  • Made from high grade Polyethylene
  • 100% leak proof construction
  • Chemical resistant
  • Red in colour
  • Fitted with flame arrester
  • Manufactured by Justrite