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Moldex Reusable Ear Plugs - 10 pairs

Product no: M6401.10
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Moldex Reusable Ear Plugs benefit from an SNR value of 30 decibels which makes them ideal for protecting against long-term exposure to noise hazards. Made of a soft and hygienic material which is washable, they are supplied with a handy container which helps to keep them clean and makes them harder to lose.
Pack Size 10 pairs or 50 pairs
Comfortable and easy to insert, you simply lift up your ear by reaching over your head and then slide the Moldex Reusable Ear Plugs into the canal using the solid handle. Each pair is joined together via a cord which means that if one were to fall out, it won’t drop to the floor.
Each box contains 50 pairs of Moldex Rocket ear plugs which conform to EN352-2. When the Moldex Reusable Ear Plugs are worn properly, noise levels are reduced by 30 decibels. A loud noise of up 109dB is reduced to a safe level so you’re fulfilling your obligations as a responsible employer whilst keeping your employees safe.
  • Made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin
  • Comes with handy PocketPak storage container
  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002
  • Made by Moldex