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Workplace First Aid Kit BS-8599-1 - Medium

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A requirement for all workplaces to have suitable provisions in place, the Medium Workplace First Aid Kit ensures employers are compliant with Health and Safety regulations. Conforming to British Standard 5899-1:2019, this kit is suitable for small warehouses and light construction sites with low hazards, where up to 50 people are expected to be.

Suitable for attending to injuries and illnesses at work, it includes plasters, bandages, dressings, eye pads, tape, and even resuscitation face shields, as well as foil blankets, scissors, nitrile gloves and wipes. With the guidance leaflet included, you’ll also be able to provide the best first aid care possible which could potentially a life, it's all contained within a durable green case. Keeping the contents together and protected, it features a carry handle, making it easy to take to the casualty.

Consider adding the wall bracket to your order to ensure it is clearly displayed in a location where everyone can find it when needed.

  • x1 Guidance Leaflet
  • x4 First Aid Dressings, 12x12cm
  • x3 First Aid Dressings, 18x18cm
  • x3 Triangular Bandages
  • x3 Eye Dressings
  • x60 Washproof Plasters
  • x30 Sterile Wipes
  • x2 Microporous Tape, 2.5cm x 5m
  • x9 Pairs of Nitriel Gloves
  • x3 Finger Dressings
  • x1 Face Shield
  • x2 Foil Blanket
  • x2 Burn Dressing, 10x10cm
  • x1 Clothing Cutters
  • x2 Cornforming Bandage, 7.5cm

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