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Emergency Exit Light Box - Sleek

Product no: EBMLED
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Our elegant emergency exit light box provides a simple and effective way to indicate the path to the fire exit, ensuring everyone can easily find their way to safety during evacuations, even in the absence of power. Its sleek, low-profile design allows for wall mounting above fire doors and emergency exits, and it comes equipped with a backup battery that provides three hours of illumination when the power is disrupted.

The fire exit light box utilizes 3.2W LED lights, which consume less power, helping to reduce your energy bills. By default, the LED fire exit light box is maintained, meaning it is designed to remain lit continuously, even during power failures. However, you have the option to switch it to non-maintained operation if desired.

As standard, the light box is supplied with an Up arrow, but optional legends are available for different directions, including left, right, and down arrows. With a viewing distance of 30 meters, these signs are highly visible and easy to spot.

Emergency lighting plays a crucial role in reducing panic during fires by enabling people to quickly and clearly identify escape routes. This LED fire exit light box is specifically designed to be placed over emergency exits or doors along the evacuation route, effectively highlighting the way to safety.

With an IP20 Rating, this illuminated fire exit sign is suitable for 230V installations. It is supplied with advanced LiFeP04 battery technology, ensuring a longer and more dependable service life.

  • Voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
  • Wattage: Input 4W, output 5W
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Lamp (included): 27 LED
  • Battery: 3.6V 1.5Ah Ni-cad
  • Emergency Duration: 3 hours
  • Charge Time: 24 hours
  • Material: Steel base and polycarbonate diffuser/legend
  • Finish: White and green
  • Dimensions: l: 390 x h: 190 x d: 60mm
  • Extra Info: Maintained - can be converted to non-maintained by removing switch live link

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