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Hard Hat ID Tags With Data Window

Product no: WSID02
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Providing first aiders and medical personnel with immediate access to life-saving information, the ICE hard hat ID tags with data window can be easily fitted to the exterior of any helmet. This means that should a medical emergency or serious accident occur; the wearer can be quickly identified and have their emergency contacts alerted promptly. Featuring a larger design than the standard versions, the tags are capable of holding more information, with a data window displaying the name of the wearer or their site induction details without having to open the ID sleeve.

Available in two different versions, you can simply choose the one which best suits your particular needs. The yellow ICE Emergency ID tags feature the internationally-recognised ‘Star of Life’ medical symbol and are labelled “In Case of Emergency”. The orange global ICE tags also include the ‘Star of Life’ symbol, in addition to ‘S.O.S’ which can be understood in all countries and languages.

All information which is provided within the tag can be easily viewed by pulling the arrow to bring out the folded paper, with a tamper-proof seal ensuring data privacy by keeping your personal information secure.

Non-conductive and 100% waterproof, the adhesives used are able to withstand the extremes of their intended use which includes heat and cold. Helmet safe and featuring a durable and versatile design, the worker ID sticker has a universal fit for any safety hat and can also be fitted to clothing and other work equipment including reflective clothing and harnesses.

A low-cost back-up to supplement existing safety precautions, the hard hat ID tags from Vital ID come complete with access to the FREE Emergency Worker ID Mobile App for Android and iOS smartphones. The Hard Hat ID Tags are suitable for all helmet-wearing industries which includes heavy industries, railways, utilities, construction, oil & gas, and mining. They could even be attached to a crash or cycle helmet if required.

These can either be purchased individually, or you can take advantage of our bulk-buy options with discounts for anyone looking to protect their entire workforce with the worker emergency ID tags.

  • Recognisable design for emergency use
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Secure – Keeps important information safe
  • Reflective: Features 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Helmet safe adhesives used
  • Weight: Less than 10g
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 20mm
  • Manufactured by Vital ID

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