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Safe Refuge Disability Signs

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Safe Refuge Disability Signs

Assist with the location of safe access points during an evacuation or fire drill with Safe Refuge Disability Signs, created to feature useful graphics and text that highlights safe areas. These signs are especially useful for disabled individuals seeking a safety point in the event of an emergency.

Manufactured by Jalite, these signs are crafted with photoluminescent materials to allow them to glow in the dark, helping to improve safety during both night and day. These signs are simply installed with standard adhesive glue or double-sided tape, making them low-maintenance and quick to install.

Where Should I Display Safe Refuse Disability Signs?

In the event of an emergency, it's important to display signage to allow all building occupants to locate a safe assembly point. By installing safe refuse signage in safe locations, you greatly improve the safety process of evacuations for wheelchair users and disabled individuals.

It's important to consider the placement of these signs so that they're easily spotted, with suitable locations being at eye level in outdoor spaces away from potential fire risks. These signs are often located beyond building entrances and placed in a designated assembly point.


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