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Disabled Signs

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Disabled Signs

Our wide range of Disabled Signs assists with displaying safe fire exit routes tailored to suit the needs of wheelchair users and more, and provides clear pinpoints for secure areas and facilities to enhance independence and confidence. Fire exit signs are designed to point towards the nearest fire exit, however, Wheelchair Fire Exit Signs inform those who require assistance or accessibility of the safest route where slopes or ramps can be found.

Where Should I Display Disabled Signs?

Parking facilities, building entrances, and fire exit routes are all environments that can benefit from disability signage as they'll inform individuals of accessible areas specially tailored to suit impairment needs. Parking bays are often outlined with hatched yellow markings or white dashed markings to highlight suitable bays for wheelchair users, and beyond. But with disabled signs, anyone can locate suitable entrances, exits, and facilities specially suited for the needs of disabled groups. Available in either portrait or landscape orientations, our collection of signage also displays instructions such as Press for Assistance, ensuring individuals can access help wherever needed.

All our signage is crafted with photoluminescent material to allow signs to glow in the dark, making them visible during all hours of the day and night.


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