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A One-Stop Shop for All the Fire Protection Equipment You’ll Ever Need

Most of us will experience a fire at some point or another. For some of us it will be a small fire that can be extinguished easily, but others might experience something more serious and life changing such as a house fire. Fires are unpredictable and can be capable of completely destroying your home and all of your belongings, so it definitely pays to be prepared with the right fire protection equipment.

So if you’re looking to kit out your home with the latest in Fire Protection Equipment, Simply Extinguishers can help you. You can find all the products you’ll need on our website, all of which are fully tested and approved.

Some of our popular products include smoke alarms, water fire extinguishers, fire safety packs, wet chemical extinguishers, fire escape ladders and much more.

Take a look around our website today where you can view all of our products in full detail. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to call free on 0800 678 5645.