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Fire Hose Reel with Hose – 25mm Swinging Automatic

Product no: VP-HR25SA
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Be equipped to respond swiftly to fires with our swinging 25mm automatic fire hose reel, always primed for action. Unlike traditional flat-mounted reels, the swinging arm feature allows it to pivot in the direction of movement as you advance towards the fire, enhancing maneuverability and speed.

Thanks to the integrated valve system, water supply initiates automatically as the reel rotates, saving crucial time by eliminating the need to manually open a tap. The valve then closes automatically when you return the hose, ensuring seamless operation.

With a lengthy 30-metre fire hose, you can effectively safeguard large areas against Class A fires. Our swinging automatic fire hose reel comes pre-fitted with both the hose and jet/spray nozzle, simplifying installation. With wall mounting brackets, flexible inlet pipe, and gate valves included, setting up is hassle-free.

Part of the esteemed Vigil Products range, our automatic fire hose reel holds certification to EN 671-1 with LPCB approval, constructed from UV-resistant powder-coated steel and brass for durability. The fire hose itself meets EN 394 standards, boasting a robust rubber/PVC blended construction and a working pressure of 12 bar for long-lasting reliability.

Installed in numerous large internal and external sites such as factories, warehouses, and recycling centres, our swinging 25mm automatic fire hose reel is a trusted choice for fire safety.

The Automatic Swinging Hose Reel includes: Fire Hose Reel, 25mm x 30m Fire Hose, Jet/Spray Fire Hose Nozzle, Wall Brackets, Flexible Inlet Pipe, and Gate Valve.

Effective against Class A: involving wood, paper, textiles, fabric, and other flammable materials.

Explore our comprehensive range of fire hose reels, offering various sizes and options including fixed or swinging, manual or automatic, to meet your specific requirements.

  • Supplied ‘Hose On’ with a 25mm fire hose, 30 metres in length
  • Jet/spray fire hose nozzle included
  • Also includes a wall bracket, flexible inlet pipe and gate valve
  • Automatic reel opens and closes the water valve as reel is spun
  • Swinging action makes it easy to pull the hose in any direction
  • Fixes to the wall
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Certified to EN 671-1
  • LCPB Approved
  • Fire Hose is EN 394 compliant with a 12-bar working pressure
  • Powder-coated steel and brass for improved durability
  • Operating temperature: -20 and +60°C
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products