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Do You Have The Appropriate Fire Extinguisher Signs?

Whilst you may have invested in a fire extinguisher for the office or workplace, are your employees’ confident on how to use it? Do they know what the extinguisher can be used for? If you would like to make sure that your staff acts correctly in a moment of panic, it’s important to invest in our fire extinguisher signs.

Here at Simply Extinguishers our fire extinguisher signs can make all the difference if you’re faced with an emergency. Included in our range of fire extinguisher signs are:

  • Foam fire extinguisher
  • Powder fire extinguisher
  • CO2 extinguisher sign
  • Water spray extinguisher sign
  • Wet chemical extinguisher sign
  • Fire blanket sign
  • Foam ABF extinguisher sign
  • Hose reel sign
  • BC powder extinguisher sign

In addition to our signs, we sell a range of fire protection equipment such as fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, extinguisher stands and fire hose reels. To view our full range of products, take a look around our website today.