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18th Edition Fire Cable Clips

Product no: 1LCR608
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The 18th Edition fire cable clip provides a simple and highly effective solution to saving time and money on cable installations while saving lives. This pioneering safety product complies with the latest building codes which put the onus on electricians and the construction industry to ensure they are upheld. Per these updated regulations, it is compulsory for all cable fixtures to be fire resistant and not just fire alarm cabling or the wiring along escape routes.

The reason for this is to help combat firefighter deaths due to their being trapped by falling overhead cabling. The robust 18th Edition fire cable clip is ideally designed to hold cables ranging in size from 6mm to 11mm securely in place, even if there is a fire, available in packs of 100 and comes in single and double cable options.

How Do Fire Clips Work?

Manufactured by Linian, the 18th Edition fire cable clip is praised for being the quickest fire cable clips to install, up to three times faster than competitor products. This accelerated installation process is thanks to its unique component design which means demands less drilling and zero screwing. Not only do you get a tidy finish, but it reduces the time and labour costs associated with cable installation

To install, just drill a hole 5.5mm in diameter, position the cable in the clip’s rounded area, compress the clip ends, manually insert the compressed ends into the drill hole, and you’re done. The clip’s proprietary feature – double ‘teeth’ on each leg – works to ensure superior grip so you can rest assured the clip and cable will remain firmly in place regardless of the circumstances.

For best results, it’s recommended that the clips are set 300mm apart. The 18th Edition fire cable clip offers multiple use cases including plasterboard, brick, stone, wood, blockwork, concrete, and masonry.


Being compliant with the latest building standards, the 18th Edition fire cable clip from Linian boasts numerous approvals. These include the BS 8519:2010 regulation as well as the Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS7671 Amendment 3. The clip has also been smoke emission tested to London Underground Standard BSEN50200 and has demonstrated that it can reliably resist fire for 90 to 120 minutes as required by regulation DIN4102-12. It has a melting point of more than 1000°C and can support tensile loads of up to 244N (that’s equivalent to a bag of cement).

  • >1000°C melting point
  • 90-minute fire resistance in accordance with DIN4102-12
  • 120-minute fire resistance in accordance with BSEN50200
  • Compliant with the requirements of BS 8519:2010
  • Salt spray tested to 1000 hours
  • Smoke emission tested to London Underground Standard
  • Resist tensile loads of 244N
  • Meets recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS7671 Amendment 3
  • Manufactured by Linian