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Fire Alarm Stopper with Alarm

Product no: CPC-AM-RD
  • Normal price: £70.07
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A simple solution for protecting and securing fire alarm call points effortlessly. This innovative device serves as a shield against both intentional and accidental activations, ensuring peace of mind in various settings.

With its user-friendly design, installation is a breeze. Simply place it over your existing call point, and you're set. It not only acts as a visual deterrent to discourage misuse, but it also safeguards against inadvertent alarms caused by minor impacts. Lift the polycarbonate cover, and a powerful 104 Decibel alarm is triggered, immediately drawing attention to the situation.

Available in eye-catching red and green options, complete with clear text for easy identification, the Fire Alarm Stopper is tailored to your needs. Installing it is a snap: choose the shallow fit for flush-mounted call points or utilize the provided spacer for surface-mounted call points with a back box.

Universities, schools, hospitals, and warehouses worldwide trust the Fire Alarm Stopper for its reliability. It's a must-have in places prone to false alarms or where accidental activations could lead to significant inconvenience and costs. Powered by a standard 9-volt PP3 battery, which comes included, the alarm's maintenance is a breeze.

Designed for a variety of settings – from schools and universities to nursing homes, hotels, sports halls, and beyond – the Fire Alarm Stopper offers a practical solution to the challenge of false fire alarms. Installing it is as simple as securing it to a wall over any UK call point. Your peace of mind is just a quick installation away.

  • Preventing accidental and malicious activations
  • Easy to install over an existing call point
  • Red or green
  • Easily identifiable text
  • 104 Decibel alarm
  • Durable polycarbonate construction
  • Supplied with an optional spacer, as standard
  • 9v PP3 Battery included
  • Height: 190mm 
  • Width: 140mm 
  • Depth with Spacer: 100mm
  • Depth without Spacer: 65mm
  • Manufactured by FMC

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