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Fingerkeeper Rear Guards

Product no: 1AFFKWHH10
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The small gap between the door and frame is irresistible to some children, but you can stop them from poking their fingers through by using the Fingerkeeper Rear Guard. Once installed, it will make it impossible for fingers to be trapped on the hinge side of the door.

Supplied in lengths of 1960mm, they can be cut down to fit smaller doors. Plus it is easy to install onto most types of door, such as wood, metal, and PVC, which means it can also be removed and refitted should the door require maintenance.

The Fingerkeeper Rear Guard works best when also used in conjunction with a guard installed on the other side of the door too.

Sold in a 10 pack

  • Strips are 1960mm long
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Packed in 10's
  • Available in white or brown
  • Full fitting kit included