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Extinguisher service

A fire extinguisher service is required once a year (or more if in a high risk area) and must follow the procedures in British Standard 5306 Part 3 (currently BS 5306-3:2009) along with any manufacturer's instructions.

At, Simply Extinguishers, our Simply Service price includes all service parts (anti-tamper seals, safety pins, safety clips, Chubb OK indicators, labels, o-rings, gauge tests, CO2 swivel horns, CO2 hose and horns for standard UK portable fire extinguishers). A single technician visit charge of £25.97 + vat will be added to each order and you will see it in the 'shopping cart'. So, for example, the cost to service 5 extinguishers will be £9.00 x 5 + £25.97 = £70.97 + vat.

Please note a £10 + vat (£12 inc vat) surcharge will be added for all London postcodes

  1. No hidden charges
  2. All service parts
  3. Unique money back guarantee - if you don't like our service, you don't pay
  4. No binding contracts
Note - our service plans are carried out by Easy Fire Safety on our behalf but our prices are lower than Easy's own prices.
Price and Quantity
Simply price: £9.00 + vat (£10.80 inc. vat)
Available: In Stock
Details and Dimensions

Extinguisher Refill Costs

Type of extinguisher Size Price ex vat Price inc vat
Water refill 6 litre and 9 litre £15.99 + vat £19.19 inc vat
Water-additive refill 3 litre to 6 litre £30.99 + vat £37.19 inc vat
Foam refill 2 litre to 9 litre £30.99 + vat £37.19 inc vat
Powder refill 1kg to 9kg replace with new ----
CO2 refill 2kg to 5kg replace with new ----
Wet chemical refill 2 litre replace with new ----
Wet chemical refill 3 litre £60.99 + vat £73.19 inc vat
Wet chemical refill 6 litre £80.99 + vat £97.19 inc vat