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Clean Agent Extinguishers


1kg automatic FE36 fire extinguisher
Normal price: £127.21
Simply price: £70.61
(£84.73 inc. vat)
2kg automatic FE36 extinguisher
Normal price: £233.30
Simply price: £129.08
(£154.90 inc. vat)
6kg automatic FE36 extinguisher
Normal price: £530.35
Simply price: £424.35
(£509.22 inc. vat)
6kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
Normal price: £501.60
Simply price: £397.10
(£476.52 inc. vat)
9kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
Normal price: £684.48
Simply price: £514.88
(£617.86 inc. vat)
Micro Automatic Fire Extinguishers
Normal price: £345.55
Simply price: £219.51
(£263.41 inc. vat)

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

The perfect choice for areas containing sensitive equipment such as server or computer rooms, data storage areas, aviation and telecoms industries, or even in the world of art and antiques, clean agent fire extinguishers spray out a gas which causes absolutely no damage and leaves no residue. This makes them ideal for reducing collateral damage when tackling a fire.

A versatile choice for tackling a range of different fires, clean agent fire extinguishers are generally suitable for Class A, B, C, and electrical fires (although commonly only fire rated for live electrics and flammable liquids). Traditionally available as an automatic fire extinguisher which activates on its own in the event of a fire, it now also comes in the form of a traditional portable fire extinguisher.

Why Choose A Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher?

When Halon fire extinguishers were banned in the UK, clean agent fire extinguishers were introduced to fill the gap that was left in the market. Causing zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), clean agent fire extinguishers are the world’s most advanced extinguisher, while also being one of the eco-friendliest choices available – unlike their predecessors which were harmful to the environment.

The main benefit of these extinguishers is that they are damage free. Foam is messy to clean up, powder causes corrosion and makes a mess, and water will flood. But, clean agent fire extinguishers completely eliminate each of the aforementioned issues. This makes this type of extinguisher ideal for sensitive equipment as it will cause no additional damage – ensuring that even after a fire, quick action could mean that the item is salvageable, including data.

How Do Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Work?

Extinguishing a fire by smothering and cooling the flames, clean agent fire extinguishers essentially operate in a similar way to a CO2 extinguisher. Containing the suppressant as liquid under pressure within the cannister, it then turns to gas on discharge with the air. This makes this type of extinguisher suitable for spraying through mesh or a grill, which means that you can tackle a fire on the safe side of a closed door. This then prevents a rush of oxygen which would make the problem far worse.

There are some variations in the gas which is used within the fire extinguisher. For example, our portable fire extinguishers contain HFC 236fa, while our automatic fire extinguishers use FE36 gas. Regardless of the one you choose, they work in the same way – tackling a fire quickly, safely, and effectively in a manner which causes the least amount of damage possible and is environmentally-friendly.

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