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Circular Smoke and Fire Damper

Product no: CSS15024V-100
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Designed to fit a majority of all circular ducting in the UK, with a range of sizes available, this smoke and fire damper is the market leader. Suitable for normal dry filtered air systems, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), these are commonly the ‘weak points’ of your fire stopping efforts within a building.

Developed to provide an effective and automatic method of controlling fire and smoke for up to two hours in order to prevent its spread throughout a building via the ductwork. As a result of holding off the fire to one area, property damage is reduced, occupants can make a safe exit, and it’s contained to aid the fire brigade’s efforts.

Smoke And Fire Damper Operation

Featuring an electrical thermal release, when temperatures soar to 72°C, the single stainless steel blade inside drops into position automatically to create the fire and smoke barrier. Plus, should the power supply ever be interrupted, the damper goes into the closed position as a fail-safe in case the power loss is caused by fire. During normal, everyday conditions, the flow of air through the system is unaffected.


Requiring a qualified engineer to fit the damper, the damper is suitable for installing where ductwork passes through a fire-rated wall, floor or ceiling (masonry, block work, concrete and drywall). Additionally, ensure you provide adequate access to the smoke and fire damper with an access panel or door.

Supplied with the Actuator fitted – which controls the operation of the damper – it then requires a wired connection to your HVAC system from the control mode.


Requiring regular inspection maintenance and cleaning by an engineer, in line with the rest of your ducting system, this ensures your system is compliant with BS 9999.

However, each damper features a green LED lamp to give the everyday user a clear and simple indication that the unit is fully operational. The light shines when the Actuator is receiving power, the Electrical Thermal Release is correctly fitted, and the thermal fuse is intact. It also has a manual test switch to check that the fail-safe can be relied upon.

Choosing Your Damper

There are two important aspects to ensure you purchase the correct fire and smoke damper. Firstly, ensure you select the power voltage which is compatible with your existing HVAC system. This is either AC/DV 24V or AV 230V.

It’s also essential that you select the correct size too. This is the diameter of the ducting, with sizes available between 100mm and 355mm. Each size is fully compliant and is suitable for standard or 50mm insulated circular ductwork.

Damper Approvals

Actionair are the UK market-leaders of smoke and fire dampers, with every unit made within the UK. The manufacturers are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited, and their products are all CE Marked and LPCB approved.

Fully compliant with product standard EN 15650:2010, the smoke and fire damper is ES-rated in accordance with EN 13501-3, corrosion tested to EN 60068-2-52, thermal fused tested to ISO 10294-4, and fire tested to EN 1366-2. Plus, every damper undergoes a continuous program of cyclic and leakage testing to ensure quality.

Please Note: Due to their specialist nature, the circular smoke and fire damper is not available on our standard next working service. Please expect delivery within 5-8 working days.

Please also ensure that these are the correct specification before fitting, as the dampers are not covered under our standard returns guarantee, except for faults.

  • Tested Installation Method to suit Concrete/ Masonry Floors & Walls and Dry Walls
  • Maximum wall thickness: 200mm
  • CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650
  • Unique and patented Electrical Thermal Release for ultimate safety
  • Suitable for standard or 50mm insulated circular ductwork
  • Available in standard duct sizes 100mm to 355mm diameter
  • AC/DV 24V or AC 230V to suit most HVAC systems
  • Manufactured by Actionair