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Firechief Flamebuster Extinguisher Spray
Normal price: £16.70
Simply price: £12.86
(£15.43 inc. vat)
Flame Buddy Fire Extinguishing Spray
Normal price: £16.61
Simply price: £12.35
(£14.82 inc. vat)
EU Travel Kit
Normal price: £32.43
Simply price: £27.03
(£32.44 inc. vat)

Your caravan is your home from home, so protect it from fire as you would your own bricks and mortar home!

In a caravan, you are always sleeping very close to the area where you cook. A smoke alarm gives you precious seconds warning to escape, and installing a 10 year detector ensures you don't need to change the batteries every year.

All your caravan fire protection equipment needs to be close to hand, yet easy to store. A fire blanket can smother any kitchen fires quickly and easily, without taking up much storage space.

A wall-mounted domestic size fire extinguisher can be grabbed and used in seconds, rather than searching for it in a cupboard.

Finally, a Lifehammer mounted near your caravan windows ensures you can smash your way to fresh air and safety if required.