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Be Prepared with a Car Fire Extinguisher

Whilst most of us like to think that we won’t ever have to deal with a fire, sometimes the unfortunate can happen. Quite often beyond our control and our car isn’t exempt from this possibility. With over 100,000 cars experiencing fires each year in the UK, it’s important to be prepared for the event of a fire.

A car fire breaking out can be completely unpredictable and whether it’s due to a mechanical fault, a car accident or vandalism, when the worst happens, it pays to be prepared with a car fire extinguisher.

Here at Simply Extinguishers you can find a suitable car fire extinguisher, being small and compact, most of our car fire extinguishers weighs just 0.76kg and can be easily stowed away without getting in the way of the driver.

Ideal for cars, camping, boats and motorcycles, this extinguisher is available for just a few pounds. To view our full range of fire extinguishers, take a look around our website today.


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