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Automatic Fire Hose Reel with Hose - 25mm

Product no: VP-HR25A
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Experience peace of mind with our 25mm automatic fire hose reel, tailored for large premises and designed to combat Class A fires effectively. Featuring an integrated valve system, this reel streamlines the firefighting process by automatically opening as you pull the hose and closing as you return it. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and allows you to focus on tackling the fire promptly, minimising damage and risks to lives.

With its ability to provide a continuous and dependable water supply, our automatic fire hose reel is a staple in various settings such as factories, warehouses, airports, recycling centres, and large public spaces. The 30-metre length of the 25mm fire hose ensures coverage over extensive areas, while the pre-installed jet/spray nozzle, along with wall brackets, inlet pipe, and hose roller guide included in the package, simplify installation and use.

Crafted from UV-resistant powder-coated steel and brass for enhanced durability, our fixed fire hose reel holds LCPB approval and is certified to EN 671-1 standards. The fire hose itself complies with EN 694, boasting a 12-bar working pressure and a robust rubber and PVC construction. Part of the esteemed Vigil Products range, our 25mm automatic fire hose reel assures quality and reliability.

The Automatic Fixed Hose Reel includes: Fire Hose Reel, 25mm x 30m Fire Hose, Jet/Spray Fire Hose Nozzle, Wall Brackets, Inlet Pipe, Gate Valve, and Hose Roller Guide.

Effective against Class A: involving wood, paper, textiles, fabric, and other flammable materials.

Explore our extensive lineup of fire hose reels, offering different sizes and options including fixed or swinging, manual or automatic, to suit your specific needs. 

  • Supplied ‘Hose On’ with a 25mm fire hose, 30 metres in length
  • Jet/spray fire hose nozzle included
  • Automatic reel opens and closes the water valve as reel is spun
  • Also includes a wall bracket, inlet pipe, gate valve and hose guide
  • Fixes to the wall
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Certified to EN 671-1
  • LCPB Approved
  • Fire Hose is EN 394 compliant with a 12-bar working pressure
  • Powder-coated steel and brass for improved durability
  • Operating temperature: -20 and +60°C
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products