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Apollo CS Heat Detector 65 Series

Product no: A55000-137
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Apollo CS Heat Detector 65 Series

The Apollo CS Heat Detector 65 Series monitors rapid temperature increases. It does this using thermistors, one exposed and the other insulated. When the resistance drops in the exposed thermistor, the alarm is then triggered.

You can place the static heat detector in dusty or smoky environments where smoke detectors cannot go.

Installing detectors with a range of different sensor types will ensure you have all-round protection. Plus, by having a similar external design as Apollo Smoke Detectors, you won’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Please note that bases are not supplied, and sold separately.

  • CS Static 80°C To 100°C
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Advanced electronic technology
  • Flashing LED
  • Can be used on security systems electrically compatible with Series 60
  • Detection performance designed to meet approvals worldwide
  • Range of bases available
  • CE marked

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