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AOV Smoke Ventilation Control Panel

Product no: MZAOV-1001
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Our Automatic Opening Vent control panel has been designed to control smoke outlet vents, ensuring they open automatically in the case of fire. Powered by 24 VDC actuators or magnets, AOV's are normally housed in stairwells, corridors or specifically installed in strategically placed smoke extraction shafts. During a fire, it is desirable to keep stairwells and exit routes as free from smoke build-up as possible.

The integrated PSU version is available in 3 amp, 5 amp and 10 amp to suit the size of your load, with a panel that enables simple control of your smoke ventilation system, and has a battery backup capability. The unit is available with or without the 2 x 12Ah 12v VRLA batteries (10A version takes 2 x 17Ah 12v VRLA batteries). With batteries installed you are assured that the unit functions normally should a power failure occur.

AOV Operation

Vent controls and indicators are provided on the front of the panel with a large graphical display and control inputs to accept signals from remote contacts, smoke detectors and manual controls. Easy to program, the panel features a fireman’s control switch and a thermostat input for ventilation mode to allow vents to open in 10% steps.

Manufactured by Haes, the 3A AOV control panel is available with either a single or two-zone version (two-zone extendable to four), while the 5A and 10A version are 2 zone but extendable up to 4 and 8 zones respectively. Each zone should include a conventional smoke detector with a base (we recommend the Apollo 65 Series) and yellow manual call point, while the Twin Wire mode allows AV devices to be connected to the detector circuit

Selecting The Correct Panel

The optional input/output card allows for optional support for Rain Sensor and PIR inputs for environmental control and trap injury protection, as well as 0/10v inputs and outputs to allow control interfacing with BMS systems and positional control Act output.

If you require additional zones for the compatible control panels, please contact us for a quote for additional zone cards.

Please Note: These are made to order so are exempt from our usual next working day service. Please expect delivery within 10 working days of ordering.

  • Integral PSU (3A, 5A or 10A)
  • Large graphical display
  • Easy to program
  • Single and Two Detector Zones available
  • Switch inputs to control a wide combination of vents
  • All inputs and actuator outputs monitored for Short and Open Circuit
  • Fireman’s control switch inputs
  • Thermostat input - Ventilation mode. Vents openable in 10% steps
  • Optional support for Rain sensor, PIR and BMS control
  • Space for two batteries
  • CE Certified
  • Manufactured by Haes

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