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AED For Untrained Personnel Poster A2

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Using an AED can be formidable for any untrained person, however, the AED for untrained Personnel poster A2 will dispense fears and show the untrained person exactly how to use an AED, possibly saving a life. Wherever there is an AED on the premises, this A2 poster should be located in close proximity. 

It is imperative that the AED is used as quickly as possible when a person is in cardiac arrest to prevent injury to the brain. The longer the heart stops beating the more the danger and the more the brain damage. Refer to the AED for untrained personnel A2 poster which shows a full colour, illustrated pictorial on the use of an AED as well as easy to read text for a complete guide to the operation of a defibrillator.

The AED For Untrained personnel A2 poster is up-to-date showing the latest guidance in operating the device. Prepared by trained health and safety specialists this durable laminated poster is suitable for hanging or affixing to a flat surface with sticky self-adhesive pads.

  • Clear guidance for using an AED for those who are untrained
  • A2 size – 59cm x 42cm
  • Durable laminated construction with full-colour illustrations
  • Compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners