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5A AOV Smoke Ventilation Control Panel

Automatic Opening Vent control units require a specifically designed control panel to control your smoke outlet vents. Our 5A AOV PSU (power supply unit) powered by 24 VDC actuators or magnets for medium loads will do just this, and has a battery backup capability. The AOV's are normally housed in stairwells, corridors or specifically installed in strategically placed smoke extraction shafts. During a fire, it is desirable to keep stairwells, all exits, vents, windows, and roof lights as free from smoke build-up as possible.

This integrated 5A power supply unit, suitable for medium loads, includes a panel enabling the simple control of your entire smoke ventilation system. The unit is available with or without the two 12V 12 Ah SLA batteries. With batteries installed you are assured that unit functions normally should a power failure occur.

All vent controls and indicators provided are clear and simple to use. Fireman's control switch inputs are provided should they be required. Ensuring the tamper-free operation of the control panel by unauthorized persons, a code entry or key switch is required.

Each zone is controlled by a single panel. All zones should be equipped with a conventional smoke detector and base for automatic detection as well as a yellow manual call point which can be operated by anyone in an emergency. These panels can be linked to control multiple zones whilst the twin wire system provides for the connection of audio-visual devices to the detector circuit. The unit can be connected to the main fire alarm system and or building management system. False alarm callout management is provided preventing downtime costs.

Additional features are available in the high-spec version providing additional inputs for rain monitoring, PIR sensors for environmental control as well as trap injury protection. There is also a 12V DC output for PIR devices.

These units are manufactured by Haes in the UK, and the 5A AOV smoke ventilation panel is CE certified. The units are also available in 3 amp and 10 amp versions catering for smaller or larger loads.

Price and Quantity
Normal price: £625.10
Simply price: £481.27 + vat (£577.52 inc. vat)
Available: In Stock
Delivery: Next working day if ordered before 2pm
With Batteries?
Details and Dimensions
  • 5 amp PSU
  • Single detection zone
  • Twin Wire mode
  • False alarm management mode
  • Vent control switch mode
  • Fireman’s control switch inputs
  • Space for 2x 12Ah SLA batteries
  • Standard and High Spec versions available
  • Cabinet size: W 460mm x H 310mm x D 110mm
  • Manufactured by Haes in the UK