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Water Additive Extinguisher

6 litre water additive fire extinguisher
6 litre water additive fire extinguisher
Normal price: 119.90
Simply price: 42.63
(51.16 inc. vat)
3 litre water additive fire extinguisher
3 litre water additive fire extinguisher
Normal price: 124.90
Simply price: 39.51
(47.41 inc. vat)

Our water additive fire extinguisher is the same as the Chubb Hydrospray (it's made by their sister company Thomas Glover, after all!). The popular 3 litre hydrospray has a full 13A rating, yet weights 60% less than a standard 9 litre water extinguisher. The special additives make the spray more effective, so the unit needs less water and therefore weighs less - simple!

Chubb Fire developed the Hydrospray Elite fire extinguisher, which set a new standard for lightweight, ultra-efficient water fire extinguishers for putting out Class A fires that involve wood, paper, cloth or plastics.

Ideal for modern shops and offices, they feature a special spray nozzle ensuring that, even if you accidentally spray nearby live electrical items, you won't get a nasty shock.

Fire Fighting Equipment Selection Guide

There are so many different types of fire extinguishers and sizes that it can be difficult to decide on the best ones for your situation. We have created this selection guide to help show the most popular items for common types of premises and vehicles. There are many more ways to cover the fire risks but these, we find, are the best. Just click on an icon and you will see the products for that use.







Construction Site

Commercial Kitchen


High Risk










Sports Centre

Swimming pool



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