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Protection for Extinguishers

Your fire extinguishers are not just for display, they need to be ready to protect you and your staff at a moment's notice. So, you need to protect them in turn, from the knocks, spills, bumps and misuse of everyday business life.

Inside your premises, your fire extinguishers should be kept clean from dust, water splashes, coffee spills or manufacturing waste such as metal filings (and inquisitive fingers!). Our tough, PVC covers have a clear window so you can check on your fire extinguisher, yet remove quickly and easily in the event of an emergency.

Even better, store them safely in a sturdy fire extinguisher cabinet. These robust, shatterproof boxes seal your extinguishers from damp, water, dirt or smoke, while providing quick access when required.

If you need to store a fire extinguisher in your truck, our incredibly strong ADR truck fire extinguisher box is ideal for keeping it clean on the road, and safe from theft at night.

Even office fire extinguishers are vulnerable to 'removal'... Our 95db extinguisher stopper alarm sounds if anyone removes a fire extinguisher from where it should be.