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Nittan EV-HIOP-SB High Output Sounder Beacon

Nittan EV-HIOP-SB High Output Sounder Beacon

Suitable for installation inside and outside, the Nittan EV-HIOP-SB High Output Sounder Beacon is fully adjustable and allows for installation of two devices in one single unit. This means that you can provide an ordinary auditory warning alongside having in place a visual provision for those with hearing difficulties. It’s also useful for areas where workers may be wearing ear defenders.

To adjust the unit, simply use the DIP switches to select the flash frequency of the beacon, as well as the sounder volume between 90 and 100 decibels and with 32 tones to choose from.

IP 65 rated for outdoor and indoor use, the sounder beacon is available with or without the –ve isolator. These will disconnect the part of the loop where the fault is detected to prevent damage, and once rectified, it self-resets when the issue is resolved. Please note that different styles of isolator cannot be mixed on a system.

The low profile sounder beacon and range of detectors fit Nittan and Nittan protocol systems and is addressed using a handheld programming tool.

For the –ve short circuit isolator version, please select the option from the drop-down menu on below.

Price and Quantity
Normal price: £94.99
Simply price: £74.99 + vat (£89.99 inc. vat)
Available: In Stock
Delivery: Next working day if ordered before 2pm
Short Circuit Isolator
Details and Dimensions
  • Operating voltage 24v-38v
  • Advanced electronic technology
  • Compliant with EN54--3:2001 + A1:2002 A2:2006 and EN54-17:2005 / AC:2007 and EN54-23:2010
  • Compatible with the Nittan Evolution 1
  • Beacon Rating W 2.4-5.5 / 73m3
  • 32 Tones DIP Switch Selected (3 Approved Tones)
  • Quiescent: 200μA 
  • IP65 rated
  • Designed to meet approvals worldwide
  • CE Marked
  • Made by Nittan Europe Ltd

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