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New Style Extinguishers

So, what's so 'new style' about a fire extinguisher, we hear you ask? Aren't they all the same?

Not at all. Fire extinguisher technology has evolved over the last five years and even the humble water fire extinguisher has been supercharged. Our 6 litre water additive fire extinguisher not only weighs 30% less than a standard extinguisher, it's also 30% smaller and 150% more powerful!

Fire-fighting foam has also changed, from a rather smelly and environmentally dubious substance into effective and cleaner AFFF foam. Both our 3 litre and 6 litre foam extinguishers are light to pick up and handle in an emergency, while still packing the fire fighting equivalent of larger capacity water-based models. The spray nozzle is specially designed not to shock you if you accidentally spray foam onto live electrical equipment.

Fires in fat fryers, known as Class F fires, used to cause the demise of many a commercial kitchen or ship shop, but the development of wet chemical fire extinguishers has reduced the risk significantly. No commercial kitchen or canteen should be without one.