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Most Popular Extinguishers

Choosing the right fire extinguishers can be daunting, but we aim to make it - simple! First, assess the risks. This simply involves looking at what might catch fire in any given area, and then choosing the right extinguisher for the job.

If your risk area contains a lot of paper or wood or material, a 13A rated water fire extinguisher is necessary. Our water extinguishers actually have a higher then normal 21A rating and a very cost-effective price too!

If your risk area includes some flammable liquids, then a foam fire extinguisher is a great choice, especially the lightweight 6 litre. If your risk area contains lots of electrical items, the only choice is a CO2 fire extinguisher.

For an all-round fire extinguisher (not in offices), then the 2kg or 6kg dry powder fire extinguisher are both perfect. In a commercial kitchen with a deep fat fryer, a wet chemical extinguisher is an absolute must.