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High Risk

High risk premises such as petrol station forecourts or fuel stores may not actually require particularly specialised fire fighting equipment, but they'll certainly need plenty of it.

From the humble fire bucket filled with Flamezorb to high visibility fire extinguisher storage boxes, it pays to have a range of fire fighting equipment within easy reach at all times, ready to tackle any incident before it becomes a serious concern.

Not all high risk areas involve fuel; scientific laboratories and specific industrial premises may well require specialised equipment. For example, your staff may work with processes that involve the risk of metal fires, so provide them with L2 or M28 special fire extinguishers that will extinguish such fires safely and easily.

Where fire fighting speed is of the essence, such as airports, race tracks or flammable liquid stores, a Monnex fire extinguisher is simply the best available, offering powerful portable fire fighting when you need it most.