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Commercial Kitchen

As the saying goes, out of the frying pan, into the fire, so fire hazards in commercial kitchens have long been recognised. In fact, the problems of extinguishing fat fryer fires led directly to the development of the new wet chemical fire extinguisher.

A kitchen is an environment where it's not just Gordon Ramsay providing the sparks! From the naked flames of gas range cookers to the proximity of electrical machinery such as mixers to water sources such as steam ovens and water taps, cooks and kitchen staff have a range of hazards surrounding them every day.

One of the most effective fire fighting tool in a kitchen is probably the simplest, a fire blanket. Combine this with a range of fire extinguishers that will work on any fire, whether fat, electrical or carbon-based (there goes the steak...) and you'll keep your kitchen safe and unintentional-fire-free.