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Combined Sounder/Beacons


Flashni Xenon Sounder Beacon
Flashni Xenon Sounder Beacon
Normal price: £51.49
Simply price: £48.40
(£58.08 inc. vat)

It is a good idea to fit both auditory and visual methods of raising the alarm in an emergency. That way, you haven’t got to worry about the warning going unnoticed, regardless of what work everyone is carrying out.

But the combined sounder and beacons units are an effective method for doing this. As both parts are incorporated into one device, they only need one installation point, reducing the cost and time of fitted them. Plus, they’ll look a lot less obtrusive as well.

In situations like factories, where noise levels are high and it is commonplace to head ear protection, these are a great answer. Their bright beacons will mean they always get seen, and loud sounder, with volume and tone control, should have no difficulty being heard either.