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All Home Fire Safety

A quick way to assess your home for fire protection needs is to follow the 3 Looks List.

1. Look Up
Installing a smoke detector reduces the chances of fatalities in a house fire by an astounding 90%. Of course, that only applies if your smoke alarm is working, so invest in our special twin pack of 10 year smoke alarms. The lithium battery will last for up to ten years, at which point an alarm sounds and you simply replace the whole unit.

2. Look Down
Most fire hazards in the home are not right in front of your eyes, they are often below eye line. A home fire extinguisher need not sit on the floor, however. Wall-mount one in your kitchen and you'll have quick access to professional-standard fire protection in a compact form.

A powder home fire extinguisher is the best choice for a range of domestic fire incidents, available in either 1kg or 2kg sizes. In the kitchen, remember to also pop a fire blanket on the wall too, where you can see it.

3. Look Out
If fire did break out, could you escape from your bedroom or first storey flat easily? With our portable lightweight fire escape ladder, you would!